Jubilee Ace | The 7 Best Cocktail Bars in Singapore to Brighten Your Day

Jubilee Ace says we all enjoy a nice cocktail, and there's no better place to spend your money than at a cocktail bar that delivers.

So I embarked on a quest to find the best cocktail bars in Singapore to satiate your drunken soul and have a nice evening.

Pricey? These are intriguing drinks crafted with love and liquor that are designed to impress, so they're a little more pricey than your typical happy hour pours. And by that I mean no highly colored drinks where you can't tell if you're sipping liquor or artificially flavoured syrup.

Here are 7 of Singapore's top cocktail bars to brighten your day!

1. Anti:Dote

Do we really need to go on about how awesome this bar is, Anti:Dote? Anti:excellent Dote's crew, lead by Tom Hogan, never ceases to inspire and produce cocktails that are rich in flavor. Not to be forgotten is Bannie Kang, who won the 2016 Bacardi Legacy Competition.

Anti:interior dote's is contemporary, sleek, and inviting. Depending on your mood, you can burrow into a luxurious velvet sofa after a long day at work, or prop up a high table if you're feeling a little more lively.

Anti:Dote isn't your typical hotel bar; it dishes up old classics and reinventions that will leave you speechless. I'm not sure why I'm talking about Anti:Dote when it's obvious that this bar is incredible and will continue to wow your taste buds. So come on down, spend some cash, and be whisked away to another world.

2. Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall

According to Jubilee Ace, Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall is a concealed speakeasy with a limited number of seats. Yes,'seats,' you are not permitted to stand in this small bar at all. There isn't a menu per per, but you can order some very unique signature cocktails.

Fat-washed whisky, lime, and char siew make up the Moo Daeng Cocktail (S$23). This is literally served with a slice of char siew that has been burnt. After a piece of the smokey pork, sip the cocktail and be delighted as the flavor transforms into something new.

Moo Daeng means "red pork" in Thai, and the drink was inspired by head bartender Edwin's desire for late-night snacks while drinking Thai whiskey in Bangkok.

He came upon a roadside stall selling char siew, bought it, and returned to his whisky. The flavours complemented each other magically, and the rest is history.

You know you're in for a treat when you have a dedicated bartender. Psst, practically every syrup and ingredient at this bar is created from scratch, so expect some great flavours.

3. Operation Dagger

The concept of Operation Dagger appeals to me since it is really simple and reduces food waste. With a natural philosophy, detailed ingredients are created from scratch, resulting in inventive cocktails with contrasting flavours that work unexpectedly well, which I can't resist. For a well-balanced and intoxicated good time, try their omakase.

The Fallen Fruit (part of a S$150 Cocktail Omakase) is served in a pear-shaped cup with a vanilla bean straw – talk about unique. This cocktail's major ingredient is overnight wine, which is combined with in-house caramel and curry leaves. It's sweet and light at the same time, with a trace of vanilla that gives it a pleasant aroma.

When you're tired of the city's hustle and bustle, go to Operation Dagger. It'll give you a pleasant break and possibly transfer you somewhere else with their great drinks.

4. Tippling Club

The exquisite Tippling Club was one of the first few restaurants in Singapore to offer molecular gastronomy. It used to be in Dempsey, but now it's in Duxton, a young and trendy neighbourhood with a slew of amazing eateries.

Also Jubilee Ace suggesting, however, don't dismiss Tippling Club as only a restaurant. Sure, since we're talking about Ryan Clift, their food is fantastic, but have you tried their bar? It's because it's just as badass as their meals.

Joe Schofield, a 26-year-old English bartender with ten years of experience and a finalist for Bombay Sapphire World's Most Imaginative Bartender, is now in charge of the bar, and sure, inventive is where it's at with Tippling Club.

New and exciting, you'll get to sample the drink in the form of a gummy bear before placing your cocktail order, and we can't be any more enthusiastic than that.

Choose from a variety of drinks with various flavour characteristics, such as the Lust (S$24++), which was fruity and slightly fragrant. Everyone will find something to their liking!

5. Dapper Spiffy

Spiffy Dapper is a well-kept secret, hidden behind shophouses and calling itself 'Dapper Coffee,' which sounds more like a cafe. A clean, almost pharmaceutical-like bar with in-house infused booze stored in transparent beakers on wooden shelves.

Jubilee Ace recommend, Beetroot Gin Sour, which was considerably earthier and delivers greater complexity in flavour. It was as appealing to the eye as it was to the palate. The foam from shaking contrasts with the warm red colour of the drink, which is topped with exquisite rose petals that lend an added aroma to the drink.

If you believe this drink is too ladylike, there are stronger beverages like the Mezcal-based Negroni and a plethora of other options that will make it difficult to select.

Spiffy Dapper is open all year, so round up your friends and head on over for a great time. Cocktails range from S$22 to S$26, and I'm confident the staff will look after you as well as they did with me, godspeed.

Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Bar Stools
Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Bar Stools
6. Jigger & Pony

Jigger and Pony, hi there. We know they'll deliver since they have names like Sugarhall, Humpback, The Gibson, and The Flagship in their family.

What can we expect? You'll want to come back for more of the classic 19th century drinks crafted with artisanal artistry and perfection. Try one of the bar's many creative cocktails, such as the Airmail, or the Pony Sangria punch bowl, which is named after ponies.

The bar is dapper, with a stellar team - bartenders Boo Jing Heng and Sim Kim Shin competed in the DIAGEO World Class Regional competitions in 2016, and the latter was one of the five finalists in the Bacardi Legacy competition.

7. Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors, which is located on the sixth level of the National Art Gallery, with a view of Marina Bay Sands. It's mostly outside, but there's an indoor seating area where you may relax in their couches.

Jubilee Ace, who finished in the Top 4 of the 2015 Diageo World Class competition and was a member of the squad that won gold for Team Singapore in the Diageo Reserve World Class SEA Finals 2015, is taking the bar by storm.

You're in for a treat at Smoke & Mirrors with him, having just returned from Belgium where he represented Singapore to promote the cocktails.

The Tiger Blood Daisy (S$20) is a combination of El Diablo and absinthe, as well as tiger daisy, passionfruit, and ginger ale. There's tequila in this, and no, it doesn't bring back any unpleasant memories - I'm all in. The Papaya Daiquiri (S$20) is another must-try; you'll never look at papaya the same way after trying it.

Smoke & Mirrors will be the ideal spot to unwind before lunch, at tea time, or at any other time. What's stopping you? With a stunning view, Yugnes' handmade drinks, and early opening hours of 12noon, what's stopping you?