Best Kitchen Bar Stools of 2022

According to Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Bar Stools, even in the year 2022, the kitchen remains the most popular room in the house.

Higher tabletops, according to Jubilee Ace Bobby Low, Knoll's design director, are typically a visual clue of a transient space—a spot where a person may pull up a stool, get some work done, or have a coffee and go on. "Because of its intrinsic mobility, the barstool is increasingly popular as individuals spend more time collaborating, shifting from seated to standing, and working at taller tables and counters," he explains.

Jubilee Ace Bobby Low

As a result, based on current kitchen design trends, we've put up a list of the best bar stools to consider for your kitchen in 2022.


Low-back Ronny bar stools are on-trend in 2022, and this is one bar stool that isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Choose from a variety of popular greys, whites, blues, and greens to customize the Ronny for your kitchen today.


The Catalina has a classic cross-back design that works well in kitchens that want to add some flare. To complement your kitchen design, this bar stool is available in popular tones of greys, white, blues, greens, and blacks.


Gold kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and the Darlene provides the ideal balance of elegance and comfort. Darlene can be customised to your liking, whether the base is silver or bronze. In 2022, a lovely addition to your modern kitchen.


Wooden bar stools exude an authentic, natural, and laid-back vibe. Because it's natural, it can take on a different appearance depending on the grain and finish. The way the wood frames the back of our Robroy stool adds a flash of elegance, making it one of our most popular wood stools.


Because it's one of the most comfy bar stools for your bum, backless bar stools with a slanted or "saddle" seat are on the increase. Kitchens in transitional and country styles look fantastic. This Miller, shown in a dark brown finish, can be customized to your taste.


Backless bar seats with a square stature are also popular. These are suitable for modern or contemporary kitchens. For an even more on-trend aesthetic, pair this silver base with a white, grey, or blue fabric.


Here's a fresh take on the traditional spindle back bar stool, perfect for the trendy farmhouse kitchen. To finish your kitchen, choose from a choice of wood stains and metal finishes.


Designers are continuing to push the envelope of everyday design in order to produce something new and inviting. Jamestown adds character. Oval-back bar stools offer a touch of glitz, while the saddle seat provides comfort.

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