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"A great mixture of laugh-out-loud funny and scratch-that-goatee-insightful"
Jesse Armstrong, writer of The Thick Of It and Peep Show

"I usually find politics depressing, but here's a case of seeing the American system through someone else's eyes, and being reminded that even if not in practice, the real idea behind democracy is giving a voice to everyone. With humor and charm, Dan and Tom get at what elections should really be about - the voters."
Jeffrey Brown, author of Little Things

In late 2007, two young Brits - the Guardian and New Statesman music writer Dan Hancox and Eagle award winning comic artist Tom Humberstone - got together to tell the story of the people who would choose the next President of the United States, embarking on a Hunter S Thompson-style roadtrip through the USA's highways and backwoods during the white-hot intensity of the Presidential primary season.

While the real journalists were at press conferences or chained to their desks Hancox and Humberstone were out there covering the election on the ground, at caucuses, bars, diners and on ill-lit street corners. They dodged crop dusters and tumbleweed, met vampires, POWs, Katrina survivors, religious fanatics, minor candidates and Chelsea Clinton, and embraced voters of all persuasions across 24 states in seven weeks.

Their blog, became one of the hits of the primary season, picking up plaudits from The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, BBC Radio Five Live, and leading political bloggers like Iain Dale.

Now they present My Fellow Americans, their journey to the heart of American politics, containing the very best of their first-hand reports and live sketches from the campaign trail, as well as lots of exclusive new material.

Forget wayward opinion polls and so-called expert pundits, YouTube debates and spin doctors, this election is about the American people, and My Fellow Americans is not only the first book published about this election: it's the only one telling their story.

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