in the frame – monty

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94. Monty

Ah, the traditional Christmas John Lewis ad. The gift that just keeps on giving. If John Lewis didn’t do this annually, me and a load of think-piece columnists would really struggle for ideas around this time of year.

Speaking of Christmas… buy a collection of In The Frame here. A perfect Christmas gift!


in the frame 2012-2014 collection

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I’ll be going to Thought Bubble Comic Festival this Friday (14th November 2014). Sharing a table with Julia Scheele and selling my comics over the weekend. I’ll have a few copies of Ellipsis, Solipsistic Pop 4, and even some old Solipsistic Pops that I discovered at the bottom of a box after moving house. But the main thing I’ll be bringing is a collection of my In the Frame comic. Here’s the cover and a press release about it:

Discover the origins of the creatures known only as the Some Say, the terrifying capabilities of the DeHobo 5000, how a zombie handles the Department for Work and Pensions, and what unwanted punctuation does with its free time.

Welcome to In the Frame.

Starting in late 2012, halfway through the coalition Government’s term of office, Tom Humberstone’s weekly comic has been bringing a refreshing new form of political cartooning to the New Statesman.

This book collects every In the Frame comic from the past two years in 90 full colour pages. With an introduction by Dan Hancox.

In the Frame has been nominated for an award by the Society of Illustrators, and was recently shortlisted in the Best Comic category for the British Comic Awards. The winner will be announced on November 15 2014.

“Taken together, these comics provide a gourmet banquet of the scathing cynicism that a glib, dunderheaded 24-hour news culture deserves, with its twitter storms, its dead air, its mythical public, its phoney balance and its factory-farmed politicians – but in spite of everything, Tom never lets snark or sheer exasperation win the day, and reporting from the front line of austerity Britain, the voices of ordinary people fighting cuts to libraries and demanding tax justice sing out from the panels.” – Dan Hancox, from his introduction.

“The first thing to say about Tom Humberstone’s collection is that is is really funny, inventive and silly. Add to that his incisive and righteous take on contemporary politics and it becomes an essential primer, a brilliant record of the last two years. Then on top of it all is his sumptuous graphic style. He’s a triple threat. This is a fantastic body of work.” – Josie Long.

RELEASE DATE 17/11/14.


Pre-order available 10/11/14 from Books will be shipped on 17/11/14.

The book will also be available at the Thought Bubble Comic Festival on 14/11/14 for a special convention price of £10.

Julia will be bringing Double Dare Ya – a Riot Grrrl zine she’s been working on since the summer that looks gorgeous and has an absolute tonne of amazing talent in there. It has a couple of new illustrations of mine in there too. I illustrated Hanin Elias for Steven Walsh’s Hot Topic card set and I illustrated a lovely article by Leigh Alexander. Double Dare Ya is the the first of what I hope is many publications from Julia’s new zine imprint One Beat which she co-founded with Sarah Broadhurst.

We’ll be at Table 144. Next to the fantastic Breakdown Press and Avery Hill Publishing. Both of whom are worth your hard earned. I’ll also have a small collection of Koyama Press comics which I carried back from a recent trip to Toronto. International shipping is a killer these days so us small publishers have to help each other out! These are hard comics to get hold of in the UK so get over to our table early to pick them up!

So that’s Breakdown Press, One Beat, Solipsistic Pop, Koyama Press, and Avery Hill across 3 neighbouring tables. If you’re coming to Thought Bubble – you’re in for a treat!

And of course, if you’re not, you can pre-order the In the Frame book here.


in the frame – todd

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93. Todd

A mixture of ideas this. I’ve had the conceit of the invention of the round-robin kicking around for a few weeks, but it all started to make sense when I connected it to my current pet peeve of everyone on facebook/twitter having to have a strong opinion about Russell Brand (or whatever the talking point of the day is). It’s all so tedious and unsurprising and there’s not a single moment when I feel glad that someone’s shared their half-through through opinion. Show me a considered, well worded, structured blog/article and we’ll talk. It feels very much like the second generation of the round-robin. Unsolicited opinions. Leaping out at you from every part of the internet. Whether you asked for it or not.


in the frame – full-on lemon extreme

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93. Full-On Lemon Extreme

I saw so many cold & flu medicine ads on the subway in New York recently. They all had things like “don’t be 30 mins late to that important meeting!” or played on the idea that if you missed a day of work, some rival employee would casually step over your feverish body to get the next promotion. God forbid you listen to your body and the fact it probably needs a rest.


recovery stories

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on October 28th, 2014

I was asked by AddAction to illustrate a new book they were helping to publish called Recovery Stories. From their press release:

Recovery Stories is a collection of first-hand accounts by people in recovery from or affected by drugs or alcohol. Invaluable for those looking to find new, addiction-free ways to live. It contains insights into the lives of real people who hit ‘rock bottom’ but came back again. Of interest across a wide-range of disciplines, including health, education and social services.

Here are my original front and back illustrations:

And here’s the final design which was handled by Waterside Press:

You can buy the book here.


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91. Hallowe’en Costume Ideas

Happy Hallowe’en (or as Julia Scheele likes to call it: Goth Christmas).


in the frame – the real winners

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90. The Real Winners

I think this every time I see an advert that has someone swiping a tablet or smartphone. Which is pretty much every ad now as every company likes to highlight how easy it is to access/buy/use the product being advertised. Those hand models must be raking it in!

As with the last comic, I’m trying my best to experiment with different panel layouts – trying new things I’ve not yet tried with In The Frame.

ALSO: In The Frame has been shortlisted for this year’s British Comic Awards! Really honoured to make it to the shortlist. I’m in good company – some great comics on that list.


in the frame – the endgame

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89. The Endgame

This was such a fun one to draw. Eagle-eyed readers will note the comic is a little shorter than previous comics. This is due to the NS getting a slight redesign and In The Frame has a much more prominent position running across the middle of a two page spread. It loses a little height, and I have to be careful about the gutter space in the centre, but it’s a great spot for the comic and has encouraged me to try and be a bit more experimental with the panel layouts.

The concept for this one felt like it had been percolating in my brain for a while. Was really pleased with how it came out.

This was published while I was on a three week holiday across North America, meaning there were two weeks where I didn’t have a comic in the NS. It was my first holiday from In The Frame in 2 years and it felt odd not to have it as part of my weekly routine. Very excited to be back!


in the frame – potential distant memories

Posted in comics, in the frame, news by Tom on September 18th, 2014

88. Potential Distant Memories for Scotland

I couldn’t let this week go without doing a comic on the referendum. I wanted to do something that highlighted how all the Better Together campaigning and general media chatter has, if anything, made a better case for the Yes campaign.

Also – further to my little rant about UK satire last week, leave it to John Oliver and HBO to provide some of the better satirical coverage about the referendum this week.


misrepresenting faith poster

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Here’s a poster I illustrated and designed for an event in November.

The event details:

From #creepingsharia Twitter storms to headlines about women Bishops, questions of faith, religion and belief are a constant feature of the contemporary media landscape. What these media messages say, how they circulate, and what is done with them by whom, are critical issues. How do media and political elites engage with faith and identity? What messages and misrepresentations result? And what are the challenges and opportunities at a time when the under 30s are more likely to encounter news on Facebook than in a newspaper?

Misrepresenting Faith is a one-day interdisciplinary symposium, bringing together academics from media and communications, sociology, anthropology and religious studies to explore the role of media in a plethora of crises, controversies and conspiracies concerning faith in Britain today. We will also hear from practitioners and campaigners working to build better understanding and reporting, and discuss practical steps we can take to build a positive media environment around identities of religion and belief.

You can register admission here (it’s free).

I’ll be updating the poster with names of speakers closer to the event.