cards against humanity

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on May 15th, 2015

I was asked by the lovely chaps at Shut Up & Sit Down (excellent board game site) to illustrate their response to the popular card game Cards Against Humanity.

You can read the full article here.

The illustrations, without the excellent context:


the guest

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on March 20th, 2015

Treated myself to doing a fun illustration just for me earlier this week.

The Guest was one of my film highlights of last year. It was almost custom-built to appeal to me: Carpenter inspired goth-synth soundtrack? Check. A giddy, mischievous sense of humour that dares you to laugh at every ominous smash-cut? Check. A gloriously bonkers final act, coated in neon blues and pinks? Check. You can enjoy it as a fun genre-hopping horror/action film, but if you want to intellectualise it as a critique of how we treat our war veterans and as an exploration of the destructive consequences of PTSD, there’s plenty there for you.

I also enjoyed You’re Next, from the same writer/director team. Again, another genre deconstruction that would sit comfortably in a double bill with Cabin In The Woods. Looking forward to seeing what they follow this up with.


hanin elias

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on November 27th, 2014

Another illustration for Julia Scheele’s Riot Grrrl zine. This time for Steve Walsh’s ambitious Hot Topic card set which aimed to have a bespoke, illustrated card for every name mentioned in the Le Tigre song, Hot Topic. I got in early and chose Hanin Elias. Mainly as an excuse to listen to lots of Atari Teenage Riot and Elias while I worked on it.

You can buy the zine here (which has thumbnails of every Hot Topic illustration in it). Here’s my final piece:


are you sure?

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on November 27th, 2014

Julia Scheele’s Riot Grrrl super-zine – Double Dare-Ya – featuring a wonderful collection of comics, articles and illustrations related to the Riot Grrrl movement – launched this week and I have a couple of things in there. Do go and order a copy from Julia if you haven’t got one already – it’s a beautifully designed and produced book and well worth your time.

I illustrated a great piece by Leigh Alexander called “Are You Sure?” which Leigh has put online to read here.

Here’s my illustration that accompanied it:


recovery stories

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on October 28th, 2014

I was asked by AddAction to illustrate a new book they were helping to publish called Recovery Stories. From their press release:

Recovery Stories is a collection of first-hand accounts by people in recovery from or affected by drugs or alcohol. Invaluable for those looking to find new, addiction-free ways to live. It contains insights into the lives of real people who hit ‘rock bottom’ but came back again. Of interest across a wide-range of disciplines, including health, education and social services.

Here are my original front and back illustrations:

And here’s the final design which was handled by Waterside Press:

You can buy the book here.


misrepresenting faith poster

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on September 17th, 2014

Here’s a poster I illustrated and designed for an event in November.

The event details:

From #creepingsharia Twitter storms to headlines about women Bishops, questions of faith, religion and belief are a constant feature of the contemporary media landscape. What these media messages say, how they circulate, and what is done with them by whom, are critical issues. How do media and political elites engage with faith and identity? What messages and misrepresentations result? And what are the challenges and opportunities at a time when the under 30s are more likely to encounter news on Facebook than in a newspaper?

Misrepresenting Faith is a one-day interdisciplinary symposium, bringing together academics from media and communications, sociology, anthropology and religious studies to explore the role of media in a plethora of crises, controversies and conspiracies concerning faith in Britain today. We will also hear from practitioners and campaigners working to build better understanding and reporting, and discuss practical steps we can take to build a positive media environment around identities of religion and belief.

You can register admission here (it’s free).

I’ll be updating the poster with names of speakers closer to the event.


stnad up

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on July 24th, 2014

It’s nearly Edinburgh Fringe Festival time. I’m hoping to go up for a couple of days but my workload may mean I miss it this year sadly.

John-Luke Roberts asked me to design the poster for his show again this year. Here’s the front and back of the flyer. We wanted it to have a similar feel to last year’s poster (which you can see here).

I saw a preview of the show a couple of weeks ago and it’s very funny so if you’re at the festival this year, I’d recommend checking it out.


bullying illustrations

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on April 30th, 2014

A couple of illustrations I produced for Butch & Sundance Media last week. The images are for a short movie/training programme for aspiring teenage journalists. I was asked to illustrate a couple of scenes about bullying.


swing dancing sketch

Posted in illustrations, news by Tom on February 18th, 2014

This is just a quick sketch I did of a couple swing-dancing (I’m doing a bit of 1920s-30s fashion research for the comic I’m working on so I needed some practise too). My linework’s been feeling a little tight lately so I fancied loosening up a bit. Because I’ve got quite a heavy workload at the moment, I’m not getting to do much drawing for myself but sometimes a change is as good as a rest.


female superheroes

Posted in comics, illustrations, news, other by Tom on December 21st, 2013

Butch & Sundance Media, in association with Cartoon Movement, produced a multi-media game/story/thing that focuses on the lives of three women in difficult environments (Egypt, Sudan, and Burma).

I was asked to produce around 6-7 pages of comic art for each protagonist (written by the Butch & Sundance team) that act as informative story interludes and sometimes as prizes for getting further in the game. I also designed some of the UI elements.

This was a big project which I worked on over the summer and I’m glad to see it’s online and out there now. Proud of my work on it. You can play it here. Here’s a couple of screen-grabs of the game:

And here are the cover images I made for each story: