hundred days – day 100

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And that’s it. One hundred comics. In one hundred days (with, of course, a little hiatus in the middle).

Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. It’s been a very interesting and exciting challenge for me. Definitely learned a hell of a lot along the way. I’ll probably write a proper postscript about it all next week when I have a bit of time.

In the meantime, I’m off to Latitude festival on Thursday with We Are Words + Pictures to help run a comics workshop in the Pandora’s Playground area. If you’re coming to Latitude, make sure you stop by and say hello!

I’ve had such a fun time with the daily comic that I have a feeling I’m going to continue doing it. I won’t do it every single day – just now and again when it feels right. I expect I’ll do some drawing at Latitude so will try and have something to upload when I get back. Essentially – this isn’t the end of my daily comics.

On my return, I’ll be doing a bit of housekeeping on this blog and my website to make it all more up-to-date with the kind of work I’ve been doing over the past year or two. It feels like the right time to do it.

Orbital Comics will also be rehanging an updated version of The Art of Solipsistic Pop exhibition this weekend with new art from both volumes of the book. Do stop by if you’re in London and curious to see some original comic art.

I’d just like to say a huge thank you for reading and for the lovely feedback and support you’ve all given during this whole thing. It can be a tough slog doing a daily comic sometimes so those emails/comments/tweets all make a massive difference when I’m scanning in lineart at 2am and doubting my sanity. Do leave comments on this post with your thoughts on the whole thing – very interested to hear what you all made of this exercise. And hope you stick around for any future comics!

Until I get round to doing a proper overhaul on the blog – here’s a nice, easy way to read through all one hundred days (and here’s a quick Spotify playlist to listen to while you read… indulge me…)

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The Pledge

I don’t think this will come as much of a surprise to anyone, but every single one of these one hundred comics is dedicated to Harvey Pekar, whose death was sadly announced today. It’s almost impossible to overstate his importance and contribution to comics. When I heard the news, I think I felt much the same way as I did when Joe Strummer died. The art that both men created had affected me in such a way that I thought them immortal. As Douglas Wolk remarked on twitter – “America is a little less splendid today”. A true original and a huge inspiration:

Essentially all I’ve wanted this to be is a journal of a life, because I think that sort of thing is worth recording” – Harvey Pekar

UPDATE: You can now buy the full 100 Days comic – over 150 pages – as a digital eBook here for just £1.

hundred days – day 99

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The final day tomorrow!

hundred days – day 98

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For the record: I thought Jennifer’s Body was slightly flawed but enjoyable, smart, and with a pleasingly black sense of humour. My brother thought it was terrible. We both, however, completely enjoyed Zombieland.

Only two comics left!

hundred days – day 97

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Howard’s website is here.

Have a look at the finished mural here (or pop down to the Southbank to see it in person).

hundred days – day 96

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hundred days – day 95

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Such a good evening. Full of lovely chats with lovely people. I’m even quite pleased with this very quick comic which probably means a) it’s terrible, b) it’s late, c) I’m drunk, or d) all of the above.

hundred days – day 94

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hundred days – day 93

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For some reason, my drawings of Marc are getting far too close to looking like Fry from Futurama. Marc announced an end to his Ellerbisms strip today. Only a couple of months left to enjoy it so go read it now if you aren’t already.

Similarly go and have a look at Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon’s work at their website here. Jamie McKelvie moderated the talk tonight wonderfully, though don’t let him know that. You can see his work here.

Quick update: Just as I was posting this, an actual thing happened which would have made a good comic for today. I sort of just bashed my head against the pointy corner of an open window. When I got off the floor cursing my clumsiness and clutching my head, I noticed blood dripping down my arms. That was worrying.

My lovely housemate Pip has just cleaned the wound and put my mind at ease that I haven’t uncovered part of my skull. Think I’m okay. My hair is covered in dried blood. You know you’ve been to a comic talk in a giant, upside-down inflatable cow when your hair is covered in dried blood.

hundred days – day 92

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I’m okay. Nothing to panic about. Just a few worrying stomach pains and some horrid lethargy. But I’ve been resting up and taking care of myself this weekend so hopefully back to normal this week.

The reappearance of The Tomskulls – my silly little homage to the classic Beano strip, The Numskulls – was fun to draw and reminds me of my very first attempt at a “proper” comic back when I was a teen (think I must have been about fifteen?). Have a look here if you’re curious. Note the hilarious attempts to appear intelligent by showing myself reading Primo Levi…

The Numskulls was always one of my favourite strips in The Beano. It was a wonderfully bonkers but simple conceit that made perfect, logical sense to me as a child. It clearly stuck with me all these years…

hundred days – day 91

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