sketch sale results

Posted in news,sketchbook by Tom on September 27th, 2012

As a quick follow-up to my sketch drive a week or so ago, I thought I’d throw a few of the coloured sketches (which aren’t gifts that have yet to be presented). Got quite a few of these stacked up now so here’s five to start off with!

A huge thank you to everyone who got in touch and commissioned one of these and to those of you who shared the link. I had a lot of fun drawing things I wouldn’t usually attempt. I even had a play with new colour schemes and colouring techniques. I’ll definitely be doing this again – maybe even having a rolling commission drive in which I take on 3 or 4 a week? More soon.

A team GB olympics piece for Steve W in Australia.

A profile piece for comedian Paul Kerensa.

Another profile piece for copywriter Tom Hensby.

A drawing of Peter A and his daughter Mia.

Skeptics in the Pub for Mike A.