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Posted in news,sketchbook by Tom on September 9th, 2012

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who has been in touch. The response has been amazing and overwhelming! The slots have all been filled and I’ve set aside a few more days next week to take on a few extras but I’m now closing the sale for the time being. Watch this space for another one sometime in the future – the suggestions are brilliant and I’m really excited to tackle them all so I’ll definitely do this again at some point!

The life of a freelancer, as I’m slowly discovering in my second year, is one of peaks and troughs. No matter how much work one has on, it’s easy to find yourself with a few days every now and then where you have an empty schedule. Work becomes particularly quiet during Summer for instance. Usually this is a nice chance to catch up on personal work (in this case, my comics) or even take a holiday. But sometimes, with overdue invoices, and a run of relatively low-paying jobs, this gap in the schedule can be a bit more worrying than usual.

In the past I’ve tried to fill this gap in the traditional ways: emailing art directors, sending postcards to publications, and even mentioning it on Twitter to see if any illustration commissions are floating around. This last one was a huge shot in the dark but has been surprisingly successful so I wanted to see if there was a way of completely bypassing the traditional AD commission route and being a bit more of a master of my own destiny…

So… I’m now offering everyone with access to the internet and £30 the opportunity to commission me to draw them a sketch…

The drawing will be produced in a one or two hour period using Indian ink on Bristol board. Black and white. And then posted at no extra cost. I’ll also scan and clean up the drawing so I can email a digital file of the image as well. The more complicated and ambitious concepts will most likely take longer and thus I’ll have to charge a little extra – but no more than £20. I will also do a one/two tone colour version of the digital image for those who would like it and are happy to pay an extra £10.

Beyond the more prosaic reasons for the sketch drive, I’m also quite excited by the challenge of drawing whatever is suggested and sent my way. This could well push me outside my comfort zone – which every artist should be forced to do on a regular basis anyway.

So if you want a bespoke illustration (and the original artwork that goes with it) for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or an enemy – please get in touch…

I’ll be dedicating this Thursday and Friday to producing the sketches so hopefully I’ll be able to have them in the post to you by next Monday (17th September). The offer is open until Wednesday (12th September) evening 11pm (GMT). I may have to cap the amount of orders allowed to around 15 in order to complete the commissions in the time I’ve set aside – so get in early! I’ll work over the weekend to complete orders if needed.

Email me with your request at tomhumberstone_at_gmail_dot_com

You can browse my illustration work here and my sketchbook here

If this goes well I may open this Sketch Sale up again every so often during those quiet freelance periods. But don’t worry – it will be a very rare thing. I will certainly do this again around Christmas.