ellipsis issue one – progress

Posted in comics,ellipsis,news by Tom on April 16th, 2012

I’ve been working hard on my new comic – Ellipsis – and have just finished the pencils for issue one. It’s 22 pages long and will be self-published through Solipsistic Pop Books as a printed and digital comic towards the end of July. Really enjoying drawing this at the moment, and now I’m focusing on the inks it’s even more fun.

I’ll open up pre-orders sometime in June for the printed book with a little more information about the comic and a schedule for the following five issues.

I’ve written a little about Ellipsis here before, but the brief synopsis is:

Ellipsis is a comic composed of six standalone short stories that interconnect and work towards telling a larger story.
Each issue of the comic will tell a self-contained chapter of the larger narrative.

Here’s a little sneak peek at some loosely pencilled panels:

Also. Having put it off for quite a while, I’ve finally joined Tumblr. Find me here.

I’ll be using it to collect inspiration I come across on the internet but will also throw more of my work, sketchbook material and process bits up there. There might be a bit of overlap in content between this blog and my Tumblr, but for those of you who use Tumblr more than blog subscriptions and RSS feeds, it may be easier to keep up to date with what I’m to…