alternative reality tour

Posted in comics,news,other,sketchbook by Tom on October 28th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Josie Long hired a mini-van and sent out a call to comedians, musicians and artists who might want to join her touring the country for 10 days – bringing guerilla gigs that reclaim public spaces to some of the more overlooked towns and cities in the UK. The tour was called The Alternative Reality Tour and was known on twitter with the hashtag: #ARTour. I joined the tour on Day 8 with a view to drawing a comic about the trip.

I drew in the van, in pubs and cafes along the way, and during the gig with very little lighting – so the images aren’t the best I’ve ever drawn. I cut these drawing out of my sketchbook and annotated them before adding a dash of colour on the computer. It’s a little haphazard but I’m happy with the results and it feels in keeping with the spirit of the tour.

Wanted to have this up and online sooner but I’ve been working hard on Solipsistic Pop 4 (launch party details announced here!) and illustration commissions – so have only just got around to it…

Dan Hancox also wrote about Day 8 for The Guardian here.

Don’t know if this is definite, but I think the plan is to do one or two days a month of the Alternative Reality Tour in the future – so be sure to keep an eye out in case they’re near you! Can’t recommend it enough.

Hoping to get along to¬†OccupyLSX sometime this weekend and do a bit of drawing there if I can but, again, work may get in the way…