hundred days – day 93

Posted in comics,news,one hundred days by Tom on July 6th, 2010

For some reason, my drawings of Marc are getting far too close to looking like Fry from Futurama. Marc announced an end to his Ellerbisms strip today. Only a couple of months left to enjoy it so go read it now if you aren’t already.

Similarly go and have a look at Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon’s work at their website here. Jamie McKelvie moderated the talk tonight wonderfully, though don’t let him know that. You can see his work here.

Quick update: Just as I was posting this, an actual thing happened which would have made a good comic for today. I sort of just bashed my head against the pointy corner of an open window. When I got off the floor cursing my clumsiness and clutching my head, I noticed blood dripping down my arms. That was worrying.

My lovely housemate Pip has just cleaned the wound and put my mind at ease that I haven’t uncovered part of my skull. Think I’m okay. My hair is covered in dried blood. You know you’ve been to a comic talk in a giant, upside-down inflatable cow when your hair is covered in dried blood.