hundred days – day 92

Posted in comics, news, one hundred days by Tom on July 4th, 2010

I’m okay. Nothing to panic about. Just a few worrying stomach pains and some horrid lethargy. But I’ve been resting up and taking care of myself this weekend so hopefully back to normal this week.

The reappearance of The Tomskulls – my silly little homage to the classic Beano strip, The Numskulls – was fun to draw and reminds me of my very first attempt at a “proper” comic back when I was a teen (think I must have been about fifteen?). Have a look here if you’re curious. Note the hilarious attempts to appear intelligent by showing myself reading Primo Levi…

The Numskulls was always one of my favourite strips in The Beano. It was a wonderfully bonkers but simple conceit that made perfect, logical sense to me as a child. It clearly stuck with me all these years…


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