hundred days – day 76

Posted in comics,news,one hundred days by Tom on June 19th, 2010

As I’ve said before, I have no problem with football, I just don’t have the background knowledge to enjoy quite as much as genuine fans without feeling like a massive fraud. Go listen to this song by Adam & Joe for a complete rundown of my football knowledge. My understanding of the game (and most sport) as compelling narrative is down to reading David Mamet’s excellent Three Uses Of The Knife which I heartily recommend to anyone interested in storytelling.

“We rationalize, objectify, and personalize the process of the game exactly as we to that of a play, a drama. For finally it is a drama, with meaning for our lives. Why else would we watch it? The ball game, then, is perhaps a model of Eisenstein’s Theory of Montage: the idea of a SHOT A is synthesized with the idea of a SHOT B to give us a third idea, which third idea is the irreducible building block upon which the play will be constructed.”

If you are watching the World Cup, then you might like to look at Solipsistic Pop contributor Philippa Johnson’s hand-drawn wallchart which you can print out and colour in at home!

I’m away from my computer this weekend so will update on Sunday evening with days 77 and 78. Have a lovely one!