alternative press festival 2009

Posted in appearances,news by Tom on July 25th, 2009

So the San Diego Comic-Con, the largest comic convention in the USA, is happening. The con gets a huge amount of coverage by the comics press due to the amount of big announcements that are made during the five day event. Among the news: Supergirl is wearing bike shorts under her skirt. The comic industry is failing to boycott the homophobic Hyatt hotel. Marvel have acquired the rights to the most famous unread comic – Miracleman. The Eisner winners were announced (congrats to Chris Ware and Nate Powell for their awards). Further developments with Longbox. Etc.

Next week sees another five day comic-related event happening right here in London: The Alternative Press Festival 2009.

The Alternative Press Festival 2009 begins on Wednesday 29th July and runs to Sunday 2nd August. You can read about all the events that have been lined up at their website here.

I’ll be exhibiting my comics at the Alt. Press Fair on the Sunday but also taking part in Collaborama on the Saturday.

What is Collaborama? Here’s what the organisers say:

We hope you’ll join us at the Collaborama (as we’ve affectionately come to know it!) an all day event which will comprise many elements of the small press coming together. Tables will be set out in the main space downstairs at the miller for zinesters, comix and small press creators to exhibit their work. There will also be space where any combination of visitors and exhibitors can get together to create pages which will be used to create a zine of the day. The garden will have a barbeque and the upstairs space will be used for workshops, film screenings and talks. In the evening Resonance FM’s Radio Orchestra will be performing a piece written by Ed Baxter which will be interpreted and illustrated live by two teams of small press artists on overhead projectors!

For information on venues and times, check out the Alternative Press Festival site. Hope to see some of you there!