24 hour comic (everything you never wanted to know about crohns disease)

Posted in comics,crohns comic,news,other by Tom on October 22nd, 2007

So, somehow I managed to complete the 24 hour comic within 24 hours. I’ve scanned it in and left it pretty much untouched in terms of spelling errors and the like. Editing it in that way seems to go against the principles of the thing. I have, however, made the colours sync up in photoshop. Some of my pens ran out forcing me to adopt different coloured pens during the process. Felt a shame to not correct this. I have to say, it’s fairly bad but I’m just quite elated I managed to make it though to the finishline. Let alone make anything readable.

Was it worth it? I certainly feel the challenge was a useful learning curve that has made me question how I produce comics normally. We’ll see how this affects my work over the next few months…

UPDATE: A limited print-run of the comic is now sold out but if you enjoy reading this, you can show your support and download a digital eBook edition here for £1.50.

And here’s my very own 24 hour comic completion certificate…